Shoes are made of leather because it is comfortable, supportive, naturally
water-repellent and breathable.
Here are few useful tips to keep shoes performing at their best for years to come:-
When your footwear become wet, allow them to dry naturally and put them away from direct heat.
Leather should be cleaned regularly with matching polish or cream.
Suedo Leather should be treated with scotch guard to reduce soiling. Remove dirt with a stiff brush and use proprietary Suede cleaner.
Synthetic Leather should be wiped with a damp cloth. To remove grease use a clear wax spray followed by a buff.
Manmade Leather needs careful brushing with a soft bristle brush. Never use spirit to clean.
Synthetic Suede demands cleaners or spirit based suede dressings.
Conditioning shoes can reduce the break-in time for new shoes or revive old dried out shoes.
While you are trying shoes for size and walking comfort, try them on a carpeted surface to protect soles.